New Manufacturing Plant Gusset Jean, American-Made

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Diamond Gusset Brand Jeans are 100% American Made and are different because of the unique gusset sewn into the crotch of the jean. The original gusseted jean construction incorporates a "delta" shaped piece of material sewn into the crotch of the jean. This allows stress to be redistributed around the crotch area, allowing greater freedom of movement, comfort and strength. Diamond Gusset Jeans are not only the original American Made Jean with a gusset, but we've also been around for over 25 years serving American Made Clothing to men and women all over the US and Canada. Give us a chance to prove to you why American Made Gusset Jeans are the best men's jeans and women's jeans that you can buy on the planet or you can return it within 30 days.